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Spray paint art is, undoubtedly, an affordable and easy way to transform a cheap Ebay find or spruce up something you already have. But despite being able to pretty much spray paint anything, a seemingly simple paint job can quickly turn sour if done poorly. Uneven coverage, drips, and crackling are all common problems that can be side-stepped by taking the time to know what you are doing. Below, therefore, we take a look at 9 SPRAY PAINT ART TECHNIQUES that should ensure that your next spray paint project turns out to be a success as follows:

Secure the right products

If you are unsure of what type of paint to buy, ask for advice from your local home improvement store. They should be able to suggest types of paint and primers based on your project use and materials. Color selection is not that varied in spray paint but chances are you will find something that will work. Art and craft supply stores often have more color varieties than hardware stores although you are likely to pay more. And if the store is not stocked with the specific color you may be looking for, then they will always order if for you. All you have to do is ask.

Work in open spaces

Try to work outside, preferably out of direct sunlight and on a day that is not too windy. This is to prevent debris and dirt from blowing on to the wet paint. If you must spray paint indoors, open your windows and doors and cover any visible surfaces.

Cover open spaces

Use drop cloths or newspapers to block out anything that you would not want to come in contact with spray paint. You would be surprised at how fast spray paint travels and if not careful, you are likely to find a light coat of paint on everything around you.

Wear gloves and a mask

Needless to say, spray paint is pretty toxic hence the reason why it is considered a good idea to wear a mask. Additionally, it is advisable to throw on a pair of disposable gloves if you do not want to end up with paint all over your hands.

Prep the surface being worked on

To get a smooth and nice coverage, it is vital that you start with a clean surface. Therefore, sand away any imperfections or older stains or paint. Thereafter, ensure that you thoroughly clean the surface to remove any dust or dirt.


Begin with a primer coat

Depending on the nature of your project, you can sometimes get away with skipping this step although it is generally advisable to start with a fresh primer coat. This is because it aids the spray paint in spreading evenly and smoothly and if you avoid priming, you are likely to use several coats of paint for total coverage. You should, however, allow the primer to dry before applying any spray paint.

Shake can thoroughly before use

It is extremely important for you to shake the spray paint can and its contents thoroughly both before and throughout the entire application process.

Do not spray too much or too close

Begin by testing the nozzle of your spray can on an inconspicuous area of your intended surface or on a drop cloth as nozzles tend to sputter and may require several sprays to get going. Then, spray about six to eight inches away from the surface and do an even, thin coat while moving the spray can side to side in a sweeping motion. Several thin coats are more appealing than one thick one and it will also prevent drips.

Allow to completely dry

If your project requires a second coat, then be patient and allow it to dry for as long as possible, generally 24 hours, before applying once more. Once the coverage is to your satisfaction, allow it to dry for a further 24 hours.


The Best Spray Paint Art Tutorial?

The best way to learn spray paint art is to get together your materials and supplies and just dive in. Keep watching the videos online and if you want to learn fast consider purchasing an instructional video or membership course from the experts. You’ll see how good they are from their videos online, so there’s no denying the talent that they can share with you.

Don’t worry if your first dozen or so paintings are poor, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll create anything really good at the start and if like me you do create a painting that you really like, be prepared to completely cock it up with one final ‘last touch’. The spray paint art tutorial will help bring your skills along, but the fun is in doing it yourself.what is best spray paint art supplies.

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