9 Spray Paint Art Techniques written


Spray paint art is, undoubtedly, an affordable and easy way to transform a cheap Ebay find or spruce up something you already have. But despite being able to pretty much spray paint anything, a seemingly simple paint job can quickly turn sour if done poorly. Uneven coverage, drips, and crackling are all common problems that can be side-stepped by taking the time to know what you are doing. Below, therefore, we take a look at 9 SPRAY PAINT ART TECHNIQUES that should ensure that your next spray paint project turns out to be a success as follows:

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Spray Paint Art Tutorial in 5 Easy Steps written


Needless to say, spray painting is one of the fastest, if not easiest ways of painting over surfaces or pieces. And as the technology continues to advance, compressors and spray guns are starting to prominently feature in spray paint art.

Before commencing on any spray paint project, it is advisable to wear a mask, don a pair of gloves, and work, where possible, in a well ventilated area as most spray paints require that it should be at least 50 degrees outside in order to obtain a good finish. Below, therefore, we take a look at 5 critical steps in a spray paint art tutorial as follows: Continue reading

what is best spray paint art supplies

Spray paint art, urban and graffiti art are no longer only for the streets, but are becoming respected art forms in their own right!  Large and small scale visual expression through spray paint, paint markers and more on mobile or immobile surfaces, murals, walls, paper pads and rolls — make your own mark with these fantastic spray paints and graffiti art supplies, all at ASW’s outstanding low prices!

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